Calico Adeline

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Our new Calico series is anything but boring. Printed calico was imported into the United States from Lancashire in the 1780s, and here a linguistic separation occurred. While Europe maintained the word calico for the fabric, in the States it was used to refer to the printed design.

Our Adeline crossbody bag is a must-have fashion accessory for busy lives. Whether you’re popping out to walk the dog, meeting friends for coffee, or just heading for a quick grocery shopping, it’s the ideal bag to stash small valuables and keep them close at hand. It features a round shape with double zippers on top to access the compartments easily. A zipped pocket at the interior keeps small items secure.

Individual top-draw CCW pocket with two-way zipper access is well-padded, with velcro lining on one side, and comes equipped with a matching holster with velcro on either side to allow you to personalize the placement within the pocket for maximum comfort and confidence while carrying.

W 9.3" x H 9.3" x D 3.7"
CCW compartment: W 9.3" x H 9.3"
shoulder strap drop: 20" - 23"