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UnderTech Undercover

Undertech Undercover Men's Coolux Mesh Tank (4015)

Undertech Undercover Men's Coolux Mesh Tank (4015)

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The UnderTech UnderCover all-weather compression concealment power shirt fits you like a second skin. Made in USA

When it comes to concealment gear that will keep you comfortable in any situation, you can rest assured this option is perfect for your needs. Coolux mesh is made to breathe and wick moisture away from the body.

Like our other concealment shirts, the fabric used for this selection is made to fit you like a second skin and enables you to carry and conceal a full-sized handgun in the concealed weapon holster. It is modeled after our extremely popular compression shirts, which are considered to be the most comfortable method to carry a self-defense handgun.


  1. Shirts are AMBIDEXTROUS - 2 easy-access holsters on each side of the garments for left-hand AND right-hand shooters.
  2. Option to carry 2 handguns at the same time.
  3. Option to carry spare mags, handcuffs, and cell phones.
  4. Made in USA
  5. Micro/Polyester fabric blend


  1. Secret Service
  2. FBI
  3. DEA
  4. TSA
  5. Government and Law Enforcement Agencies
  6. Police Departments
  7. Civilians
  8. Concealed Carry Licensed Owners
  9. Small Business Owners
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