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UnderTech Undercover

Undertech Undercover Men's Crew Neck Tee (4003)

Undertech Undercover Men's Crew Neck Tee (4003)

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The UnderTech UnderCover concealment shirt is quite possibly the most comfortable method of carrying and concealing a self-defense handgun known to mankind!

 Yes, that is a bold statement, but it is true. Over 200,000 shirts are in use worldwide by federal agents, law enforcement, special forces, and diplomats, as well as executives, business owners, judges, doctors, lawyers. Men and women from all walks of life seeking concealment gear love our selections. If you need to carry a handgun for self-defense you will find the UnderTech UnderCover brand of shirts to be the highest quality, most functional and most comfortable shirts available. There's a reason UnderTech UnderCover is the number one brand of concealment clothing in the world.

The concealment shirt comes with two holsters - one on each side to accomodate right and left hand shooters. Each holster is universal in size to hold just about any self-defense handgun.

Made of a unique, 4-way stretch MicroPoly/Lycra fabric blend that is soft to the touch, wicks away moisture and breathes yet strong enough to support the weight of a full-size handgun.

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