Undertech Undercover Men's Coolux Crew Neck Tee

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When the heat is on, both literally and figuratively, you need undercover clothes that will keep you cool in any situation. UnderTech UnderCover, the company you visit when you need the best clothes for concealed carry that are made in the USA, offers this Coolux mesh crew neck shirt that features all-weather compression concealment power to make it fit you like a second skin.

When you wear this concealed carry shirt, you will be able to carry a full-sized handgun in the concealed weapons holster located under the arm. We modeled this shirt after our amazing compression shirts that are widely considered to be one of the most comfortable ways to carry a self-defense handgun.

Ambidextrous; works for both Right and Left handed shooters. Allows immediate access when wearing button down shirts, t-shirts, pullovers--even while sitting. Worn by the Secret Service, FBI, DEA, TSA, and many agencies and police departments nationwide.

Made in USA, Polyster/Lycra blend, machine washable.

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