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Wrangler Standard
Wrangler Standard
Wrangler Standard

Wrangler Standard

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This in-demand bag is one of our most popular styles and comes in two sizes – compact and standard. The Wrangler was designed to be comfortable, constructed in distressed 100% cotton canvas on the outside and silky, reliable, and long-lasting linen on the inside. (Certain colors have a 45% cotton canvas/55% linen mix.) 

The Wrangler features a vintage look and feel with antique, muted buckle and hardware highlights and is great for any adventure with the need for a durable, hands-free bag. 

Wrangler is available with the following options:

  • Compact Size: color choices: Vintage Green, Vintage Grey, Pink Vampire, Blue Night Sky, Grey & Yellow (Multi-Stone), or Multi-Green (Gypsy)
  • Standard Size: color choices: Vintage Green, Grey & Yellow (Multi-Stone), or Multi-Green (Gypsy)
  • Print out real size to see if the pockets's fit what you need:      

Main pocket, Back pocket, and Front Pocket sizes:

BELT SIZES (included with bag, the extension is not included):


    A leather belt keeper is included to contain any excess belt tail when the waist strap is adjusted for fit. We recommend purchasing the optional waist belt extension ($6.99) if you plan to wear your Wrangler in the cross-body or backpack configuration, or if you simply want some extra length.

    Another popular option is to purchase a second waist belt AND an extension piece,  extend them to the desired length , and simply swap out your usual waist belt for this second one when sporting your bag as a backpack.

    IDEAL FOR: Everyday Wear, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hunting, Fishing, Camping