Upcoming Chaos, 2021 Edition: Product Availability Issues

Posted by Angie Fullmer on

So......2020 has it's challenges, for sure.  But 2021's motto is "Hold My Beer"


Product availability is getting more and more interesting, for sure!  Sometimes the Distributors send out emails of what is out of stock, others don't.  I'm doing my best to keep up with my website, but it's getting harder and harder to keep it "up to date", so please forgive me if I miss things!


There are already some items/bags that are out of stock until next year. Other styles may or may not be in before December.  If you want to place an order online, your best bet will be to contact me to see if I can get it or not.  I will ALWAYS be honest & straight with you!  If I know the answer, I will tell you.  If the Distributor tells me that it may be be in stock in 3 weeks, I'll tell you that too.  But, please understand that those 3 weeks might turn into 2 months (or more) through no fault of anyone, except the situation of supply & demand and/or shipping issues.  


We all know that shelves are increasingly more empty at stores, and unfortunately it will only get worse for the holiday season.  The Distributors are at the mercy of the makers, truckers, and the containers to be delivered.  The trickle down effect "got better" earlier this year, but it has unfortunately declined as the year has gone on.


And if we didn't have enough issues to worry about.....Prices have gone up too, across the board.  I've absorbed as much as I can, but unfortunately I'll have to increase my pricing and shipping too, so that I can still stay in business.  I know it's hard, but we can only hope and pray that prices will come down again sometime soon!   


Now that I've given you the "doom & gloom" of the chaos, what can make this situation better?  Have patience, give grace & thanks to all the workers in every field, and get your Christmas shopping done early!