About Mama Bear's Concealed Carry, LLC

From the heart:

If you are anything like me, I have to be able to go through the handbag to see what pockets it has, how big it is, does the strap fit comfortably, and will my gun fit in it?

Not to mention, you need options! A bigger and better selection! Do you know how many gun shows and stores my husband and I went to so that I could look at concealed carry handbags? A lot, over several years, in multiple states! So I decided to have many options for you, on hand, to go through, dig through, empty your old handbag out and see if everything fits in the new one!

I started as an Independent Consultant under another company and loved what I was doing. But I wanted to expand what I carried after listening to my customers and what was most important to them. 

My husband and I decided to start the business and he actually chose the name. He asked me: what is the most protective creature out there that will stop at nothing to protect their own?  Mama Bear. 

And so, Mama Bear's Concealed Carry, LLC was born! 

I choose only the companies that I trust, and carry only the products that I or my family would use. I prefer the classy, sassy, professional, well made handbags because I use them as well. 

My desire for this business is to help women choose the perfect option for them and feel confident with how they carry their self defense weapon. Whether it's their gun, knife, stun gun, pepper spray or panic alarm, I want them to feel just a little better about protecting themselves or their loved ones. Hopefully it gives you precious seconds to be able to get away and go home safe and sound to your loved ones. Because that is your right!

We live in a world where there are so many uncertainies. It's unfortunate,  but if you don't protect yourself, then who will? I don't like thinking about the alternative.

If you want to check out the handbags or other products in person, please visit @mamabearsconcealedcarry Facebook page for the list of events and try to make it to one of them.  Or team up with a friend and contact Me! I will get them out for you for your own private shopping session!

I also do home parties and other corporate events as well. You can visit the Party page next for more information!

I will close this page by saying what my husband and I always tell our customers: we sincerely hope you never have to use our self defense products.  Stay safe my friends!