I work with close to 20 different Wholesale Companies, and each one has it's own challenges for trying to keep product in stock. Shipping delays and /or refunds are possible. Let's hope that this passes sooner rather than later!

Return Policy

While we make every effort to offer quality merchandise, we don't have any control over what/how the manufacturer makes/ships their product. 

If you purchase any bag: Ukoala Bag, handbag, fanny pack, backpack, duffel bag, etc. and you are not satisfied with it for any reason, please return it to us within 30 days of purchase.  If the bag is defective, we will issue you a replacement at no extra cost, or refund your money (less any shipping costs), or if you prefer-you can upgrade and pay the difference in cost.

The bag must be returned to us in excellent condition (unless it is a defective bag).

You pay for shipping the merchandise back to Mama Bear's Concealed Carry, LLC (*if applicable).


If you purchase any Accessories:  Please understand that we cannot possibly check every Stun Gun or other accessory before shipping it out.  If you think you have purchased a defective Stun Gun, please make sure that you have charged it first.  If it still does not work, and it's within the 30 days of purchase, we will exchange it for the same model or something similar, or refund your money.  If you prefer to upgrade, that is fine- just pay the difference.

You pay for shipping the merchandise back to Mama Bear's Concealed Carry, LLC (*if applicable).

Any other Accessories purchased (excluding Stun Guns), all sales are final.


If you purchase any Alien Gear product and it is defective, please contact them directly.  They have a "Forever" Warranty on their products.  If it is for any other reason, please contact us for an exchange or a refund.  Again, you pay for shipping the merchandise back to Mama Bear's Concealed Carry, LLC (*if applicable).